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We found another regression in AjaxSwing 3.2.7. I am unable to reproduce the issue isolated, though I've made a video comparing AS3.2.6 and AS3.2.7 regarding this bug.

The difference is, that when changing the selection of comboboxes (which are not allowed to have empty values after they have been activated by checking a checkbox) does not seem to get synchronized to the model, thus it gets stuck without being able to properly process the ok button click.

I've sent the video to and to Alexander Ponomarenko. I hope you can tell from the video what change in AS3.2.7 might cause this issue.

I've sent a sample to and to Alexander Ponomarenko who is familiar with our samples.

The sample shows that when having a modal dialog open, which causes a postback to happen, the dialog disappears behind the main view and is unreachable unless you move the main view away.

To reproduce start the sample, open the app from the menu, click on the "open dialog" button and change the selection in the combobox. The change in the selection gets synchronized with the model, which then causes the dialog to disappear behind the main view.

We have reverted back to AS3.2.6 because of this bug and another one I will report shortly when I succeed in creating a sample.

Using the workaround:

Code: [Select]

Causes button texts to be cut off. See comparison screenshots attached. Thus this workaround cannot be used by us after all.

Is there some other way to fix this? Maybe some settings we can try or you could try other rounding mechanisms, like always uprounding? I's quite interesting that table headers in empty tables are displayed properly despite inflate being active. Maybe there are some differences in the calculation of full tables and empty tables that were not considered?

This fixes the problem, thanks. Thus the fix in 3.2.7rc1 is accepted. Looking forward to AjaxSwing 3.2.7 final.

With AjaxSwing 3.2.7rc1 the problems seems to have become better, though not completely fixed. See attached screenshots. There it is visible that there are still 1-2 pixel left on filled tables both with Firefox and IE.

Commercial Technical Support / Re: ConnectException without any other clue
« on: February 22, 2012, 09:07:37 AM »
It seems the main cause for the ConnectExceptions was some special RDP-Client (, which killed processes on logout. The RDP-Client won't be used anymore and thus the ConnectExceptions do not occur again.

Anyway, the workaround with the session timeouts should hinder ConnectExceptions to occur on high server load. The problem is thus fixed.

Commercial Technical Support / Re: CustomToolTips too wide
« on: February 22, 2012, 09:05:04 AM »
Thanks, this is working. We now have 500px configured.

Commercial Technical Support / CustomToolTips too wide
« on: February 16, 2012, 09:28:50 AM »
When configuring in
Code: [Select]

Then very long tooltip texts are displayed too wide. Would it be possible to limit the horizontal size like Firefox and IE do it automatically?

See attached sample and screenshots.

We already have this setting in our The sample I've sent you also shows this.

Upgrading to AjaxSwing 4.0 is not possible in the near future due to risk management and release planning. Thus we have to get this fix in 3.7.x. Also we would need a new license file for AjaxSwing 4.0.

AjaxSwing 3.2.7a did make it through our regression and stress testing and seems to be fine.
Though, while still in our testing phase, we are deciding whether to use AjaxSwing 3.2.7a or wait for AjaxSwing 3.2.7 final. If the final version will be released after february, we will go with 3.2.7a. So a hint from you if final will make it out in february or later would give us the needed information to decide.

Here the Screenshot of AjaxSwing 3.2.7a.

Here the Screenshot of AjaxSwing 3.2.6.

We talked about this issue last year, but it is not yet solved in AjaxSwing 3.2.6 or 3.2.7a.

In the attached screenshots it is visible, that table headers have some pixels left on the right side. It would be nice if the table could be aligned properly. The problem is reproducible since AjaxSwing 3.2.3. Since 3.2.7a it seems even empty tables have some space left on the right side, which was fine in previous versions.

I've created a sample that reproduces this issue and have sent it via email to and to Alexander Ponomarenko who is familiar with our samples.

For when is AjaxSwing 3.2.7 final roughly scheduled to be released? Asking here since there was no answer to the email yet.

Commercial Technical Support / Re: ConnectException without any other clue
« on: February 06, 2012, 07:10:51 AM »
It seems that the ConnectExceptions still occur in production with the proposed fix of the lower session timeouts with keepalive.

In our integration environment the ConnectExceptions did not occur with the provided workaround. We are further investigating what difference still makes the bug occur in production.

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