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Community Technical Support / veloxclient issues
« on: November 13, 2009, 05:29:15 PM »
1)      The hierarchical data in the LIMS can be large so we don’t load / build the tree on startup.  We use on-demand building of the JTree using javax.swing.event.TreeWillExpandListener.  Do you respond to this event?  Our tree is not building dynamically in response to these events.

We do not have explicit support for TreeWillExpandListener but you can use jtree.putClientProperty(AjaxSwingProperties.TREE_SUBMIT_ON_EXPAND, "true"). This will result in only visible JTree nodes rendered and when the user clicks on expand icon the event will be sent to the server.

2)      Once our applet appears I can maximize it in the browser.  Is there a way to specify width / height of 100% and have it startup maximized?

This should make your frame look and work a lot better:


3)      We use custom table cell renderers everywhere.   We check for edits when the user leaves a panel and present a list of edits for them to confirm if they did change anything.  We are getting this pop-up with a list of changes even when we just viewed the table and didn’t edit anything.  It usually thinks the values have been edited to “null”

This may be a bug or limitation of AjaxSwing. Probably not much you can do without us looking closer at the issue.

4)      Tables are not displaying column headings text

May be AjaxSwing bug, can you tell exactly which table is not showing the column heading and how are you setting it in Swing?

5)      Table cells don’t show cell borders.

You can edit the CSS stlyesheet to get borders back. Search the forum for examples.

6)      Table column selection doesn’t work.  We support things like “auto-fill” in tables.

Currently AjaxSwing does not support column selection.

7)      Editing individual controls on the forms (like date control, drop down box, etc) is slow.  We would have thought editing a single field on a form would be responsive while larger operations could be expected to be slower.

The real difference on performance is server-side events. If there is a listener then AjaxSwing has to submit the page to the server where it is checked for changes; if changes are found they are applied, then listeners are called and after the listener has finished the UI changes are detected and sent back to the browser. So this roundtrip occurs on every request with a listener.

I did notice that performance on veloxclient is very poor compared to most other applications we have seen. Some of it has to do with the Swing application itself. Expanding a node in the tree took more then 10 seconds. Other things seem to work fast in Swing app but not in AjaxSwing. It is hard to say without deeper investigation what is the cause, but we are quite sure the performance can be improved.

Something you can try is putting this into to tell AjaxSwing to render only the currently selected tab of a tabbed pane instead of all tabs:


This will result in faster initial rendering and each response time but every tab switch would result in a server submit. You can actually apply this property individually to tabbed panes to decide to control which ones are rendered fully and which ones are server-side.

I'm trying to run with agent.classPath as you suggested last week but I'm running into a ClassNotFoundException that I do not get when running with our client.jar located in AjaxSwing2.4.0/wcapps/lib

Note that the class that fails to load implements LoginModule and is in the client.jar. Any ideas?


Community Technical Support / JTable lazy loading
« on: October 30, 2008, 11:09:06 AM »
A general difference is, that our vector in the table read only 100 datasets from the database.
So we do not load the whole data from the database and do not run out of memory.
It is a lasy vector. So if we request from the vector a dataline higher than 100 than the vector start to
read more data from the database. In the ajax-swing application of course you run through the vetor and
request all data. Is there a simple solution on your site or do we have to switch to an other
lasy vector?

An other problem is the character set. The browser sent different characters back. Is there a solution?

Community Technical Support / Frame rendering problems
« on: October 30, 2008, 10:51:25 AM »
Screenshots: OpenFrameAbckla_<xxxxx>.png (number 3 show the frame with data)
I start the frame from the menu. see pic OpenFrameAbckla_swing.png and OpenFrameAbckla_ajax.png
The z-order for my new frame is not correct. The frame Abckla is behind my start frame.
The info-line(status-line) is missing.(is not missing, but the frame is too small. It look to me,
that the frame title is missing in the calculation. So the title hights is missing at the
end of the frame. So now I click on my Abckla-frame to bring it to the front. OpenFrameAbckla_ajax2.png
The selected line (first line) in the table is higher then the second line. There is no frame (line)
between the columns. The text in the field look a little lost because the textfield (height) is nearly double
of the text size. (compare Pics OpenFrameAbckla_ajax3.png and OpenFrameAbckla_swing3.png)

Community Technical Support / Application initialization in AjaxSwing
« on: October 30, 2008, 10:27:01 AM »
Screenshots: startframe_<xxxxx>.png
In our application we start the main frame. We show the main frame and an other thread
connect to the database, initialize the application and install the full menu.
You see the result in startframe_swing.png .

The first ajax-swing frame is startframe_ajax.png . The frame title is missing.
Now I have to refresh the browser window, in order to get the full menue. (May be
it is possible to push the data to the browser?) startframe_ajax2.png
The frame title is still missing. In the bottom info-line you see a missing picture.
This picture do not exsist. We calculate and draw the pic in memory. The right bottom
Textfield is not showing full. We use that textfield to offer the user a short cut
to a frame. We type the frame shortcut in this field and start the frame whith the RETURN-Key.
This don't work. When I resize the frame, I get my frame title but I am loosing
my info-line. startframe_ajax3.png .

Community Technical Support / Using beginOperation() / endOperation()
« on: August 05, 2008, 09:56:27 AM »
The simplest thing I've tried that doesn't have to do with starting and
ending threads per se is enclosing the contents of the method in our
main window that brings the windows to the top with beginOperation() and
endOperation(). If everything is working properly, this should cause
the windows to Pop up properly, right? Would say calling
beginOperation() immediately followed by endOperation() cause the GUI to
basically do an auto-refresh, displaying what we would see if we
manually hit refresh on the browser window?

Community Technical Support / Multithreading and AjaxSwing
« on: July 30, 2008, 11:34:55 PM »
We appear to be having multiple threading issues when using the application with AjaxSwing (primarily related to utility threads running in the background), and are trying to figure out if we can do anything about them. The application currently uses normal Java threading. Do you think switching from basic Java threads to Swing threads might fix our issues with AjaxSwing, or no?

Community Technical Support / Submitting <A HREF=...> links
« on: June 04, 2008, 11:32:51 AM »
I'm almost done porting my custom tree rendering from WebCream v5.3.  I was able to extend the renderNodeLink() in my custom JTree renderer and successfully add color to the node text.  The last thing I think I need to do is add my special paging node links.  As I mentioned earlier, since our tree can contain hundreds of nodes, in HTML we limit the number of nodes shown and add a special paging node at the end of each branch.  This paging node has links to go to up to 7 specific page numbers or the previous or next page and finally a link to bring up a "go to" dialog.  Below is an example of one of the links I'm inserted into the paging node:

<a class="label" style="color: blue; vertical-align: 50%;" href="javascript:doSubmit('/contextmenu/activeXMLTree/Page/2/Hosts\\customer\\DaimlerChrysler HTTPs\\myMailbox');">

My custom ActionEmulator looks for and parses this action string.

While this renders correctly using AjaxSwing, the link does not work.  After clicking on the link, I get back the word "false" in an empty page.  I'm assuming I need to modify my href value, but I'm not sure to what.

Community Technical Support / Splash screen and modal login dialog
« on: February 15, 2008, 05:58:46 PM »
I am looking for is an example of splash screen (if possible ?) together with a login screen before seeing any other window or data.

Community Technical Support / "No windows are visible" message
« on: May 04, 2007, 12:17:13 AM »
We've run into a problem where we get the following error:
"No windows are visible..."
I know what's causing it but I don't know how to fix it.  Prior to this error, a dialog is shown and disposed of by a thread different than the main GUI thread.  (Previously I wrote code which sets the ClientAgent for this alternate thread so that it could display dialogs.)  Based on the error above, it appears I need to be able to tell WebCream what window is now visible (which is the last window shown by the main GUI thread).  Is this possible?  One caveat to this is that we don't see the above error if the last window shown by the main GUI thread is a frame; we only see the error if the last window shown by the main GUI thread was a dialog.

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