Conversion of Java Desktop applications to AJAX web sites


CreamTec Professional Services assist customers in converting their Java desktop applications to AJAX websites. Our engineers are experts in both Java Swing technology and our AjaxSwing product. The knowledge and the experience with conversions ensure that we produce stellar results in the shortest possible time. 70% of our clients have used CreamTec Professional Services to help with conversion and they have acheived 100% success rate.

Top 5 Reasons to use our Professional Services

5. Leverage the unique knowledge and exprerience of our team.
4. Reduce time-to-market by engaging extra resources with knowledge.
3. Involve AjaxSwing product developers to build custom components quickly.
2. Most of the time our Professional Services fees are lower then in-house labour costs.
1. Receive 100% guarantee that Java Swing application would work in AJAX mode.

5-Step Conversion Process

Step 1. User Interface Assessment

You provide access to Java Swing application to our engineers. Together with you they navigate the user interface and learn about the usage of Swing components, multi-threading and potential problems for AJAX conversion. At the end of this phase our team provides an assessment of what percent of the user interface is expected to work after Standard Conversion. For most applications this is 90-95% but there are applications not suitable for running in AjaxSwing and this step is designed to identify them early. If the assessment indicates a high excpectation of successful conversion, CreamTec Professional Services provides a quote on Standard Conversion.

Typical Duration:1-4 hours
Typical Cost:Free
Deliverables:Expected Basic Conversion success rate
Deployment and Configuration quote


Step 2. Deployment and Configuration

This step includes deployment into AjaxSwing platform, product configuration and if required some application tweaks for AJAX compatibility. The client has to provide CreamTec with Swing application that we can run in a local environment, or if that is not possible, remote access to a system where Swing application is running. During this step CreamTec team also reviews the portions of the application that require custom AJAX renderers or source application changes and estimates the effort required to have everything working in AJAX mode.

Typical Duration:24-40 hours
Typical Cost:$1,800 - $3,000
Deliverables:Fully or partially working web version of desktop application


Step 3. Regression Testing

During this step CreamTec testing team or customer testing does full regression testing of the software's web version and produces a list of issues along with steps to reproduce each issue.

Typical Duration:24-80 hours
Typical Cost:$1,000 - $4,000
Deliverable:List of passing and failing test cases

Step 4. Conversion Quote

The list of issues found during regression testing is analyzed and estimates are given on resolution time and costs.

If additional issues are reported later they will be estimated and worked on separately in a new iteration.

Typical Duration:16-24 hours
Typical Cost:$1,200 - $2,000
Deliverable:Quote on Full Conversion

Step 5. Conversion

During this step we do all custom work required to have application features working in AJAX mode similar to how they work in a desktop application. CreamTec performs regression testing of the entire user interface and puts together a report certifying that user interface works correctly over the web.

Typical Duration:40-120 hours
Typical Cost:Depends on various factors
Deliverable:100% working AJAX version of Swing application
Certification of passed test cases


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