Recruiting Services

Sometimes you need to hire your own employees instead of relying on consultants. We get it. Most of the recruiting agencies do not have an understanding of technologies and software development as a whole. As a product company we have high expectations for people we hire, and we treat our customers the same. Rather than just keyword-matching the resumes to the job requirements, our recruiters conduct preliminary technical interviews and psychological assessment of cultural fit for the company. The result is that we present fewer but much better qualified candidates, reducing the interview overhead for the clients.

How are we different?

We hire for our clients like we hire for ourselves.
We know how to reach out to passive candidates.
We contact active candidates as soon as they enter the market.
We conduct technical interviews.
We present fewer but better qualified candidates.
We go an extra mile. Believe it.



Private Financial Telecommunications Federal and State
Mosaic Networks
Primatics Financial
Ovation Wireless
Freddie Mac
Riggs Bank
AT&T Wireless
Hughes Network Systems
Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans Health Administration
US Treasury



We love them all, but we like to stay focused on what we do best. See what we are good at on our Technology page.