Examples of Swing conversion to HTML and AJAX

The following links demonstrate examples of working applications that were web-enabled through AjaxSwing. All of the examples, shown here have been written as a standard GUI application or applet, with its user interface implemented using AWT and Swing. No modifications were made to the application code.


AjaxSwing Light Theme | WebStart
A classic example program shipped with every JDK showcasing Swing components. This shows the versatility of AjaxSwing and its support for all standard Swing features and widgets. To run the GUI version and see the source code of SwingSet simply go to demos/jfc/SwingSet in the JDK directory or follow this link to Java WebStart page http://java.sun.com/javase/technologies/desktop/javawebstart/demos.html

Mail Client

AjaxSwing Light Theme | WebStart
A sample program showing how a simple mail client can be implemented with Swing.