Migrate Swing applications to HTML to view/access it on the web and PDAs

AjaxSwing makes it possible to access Swing applets and applications from web browsers without a need for JRE. Because Java GUI screens are converted to HTML by AjaxSwing as it emulates the graphical environment, any device that is capable of making HTTP requests and displaying HTML pages can be used to access the Swing application. Thus, the task of migration is simplified to setting up the application with AjaxSwing and testing it using a browser or smart phone such as iPhone to make sure that it works. The architecture diagram illustrates how the process works and for more information on what AjaxSwing read the overview page.

The ultimate success of migration will probably depend on the design of the application screens. Migrating a Swing application to a web site will work perfectly for users who will use PCs with a web browser to access it. Modern smart phones have full featured browsers and large screen which makese them suitable for viewing migrated Swing applications. However, applications can detect if they are running under AjaxSwing and what kind of the browser is used.

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