Automatic Conversion of Swing Applications to AJAX websites

AjaxSwing is a deployment platform that automatically converts Java Swing and AWT applications into AJAX web applications at runtime. It can be thought of as a runtime Java to HTML converter that migrates Java desktop applications to web applications. AjaxSwing is unique in that it requires virtually no modifications to existing applications, and does not require programmers to learn any APIs other then AWT/Swing. The same application can run as thick Swing client or as a browser-based thin AJAX RIA, giving dual client solution to Java. This allows companies to leverage the time and money invested into building Swing applications, while enjoying the benefits of thin-client deployment. For a full list of features see the Features page.

Our product has been used by numerous clients since year 2000 and most of them have been able to convert the applications in less then a week. Conversion is a simple matter of installing AjaxSwing and creating a configuration file for the application.

Java applications can be deployed into AjaxSwing platform in less then 30 minutes. CreamTec Professional Services can assist with the deployment, product customization and guarantee that 100% of application features are functioning in AJAX mode, all at very competitive rates.

Migrating Java desktop applications to the web

To illustrate how the product works, the images below show how a sample Java Swing application looks in the browser when deployed in AjaxSwing. On the left the snapshots show a running GUI application (the source). On the right, the same application is managed by AjaxSwing and the windows are represented by pages in the browser.

Swing Application (Source)
AJAX Page (Generated)

Companies that has invested years of development time and hundreds of thousands of IT budgets into building Swing user interface have a tough decision to make. They can continue to develop using Swing and deploy using WebStart, which requires client-side maintenance and is not a true thin client.

Video: From Swing to AJAX in 90 seconds