Deploy and run Java Swing applications in browser by automatically converting them to HTML/JavaScript

Running a Swing applet/application in a browser has a number of well-known disadvantages. Each client is required to have a JRE installed, the version of the JRE has to be capable of running the application, and the startup time can be quite long. AjaxSwing Java to HTML conversion utility now provides a solution for deploying Swing in browser by generating HTML and JavaScript for applets. Users don't need to have the Java runtime installed in order to access applications build with JFC/Swing or any other javax technology and the are not required to download Java plugin. AjaxSwing retains the functionality of the application, but the way users access it is very different and, for many applications, superior. Improved applet performance and cross-browser solution to deploy swing applets are features of AjaxSwing.

When AjaxSwing Java to HTML conversion tool is used, the application executes entirely on the server, with client sessions running either as standalone processes or in a single shared JVM. AjaxSwing can be thought as a "Save Java as HTML" for Swing frames and dialogs. When the utility is used, it causes the HTML to be automatically generated and sent to the browser. User changes and actions in the browser are emulated for the Swing application and, after the JFrame or JDialog has been updated or shown, it is converted into HTML and sent to the browser as the next web page. To the internet user the actions are transparent, it just appears as an interactive web site built exclusively in HTML, DHTML and JavaScript.

JFrame, JTable, JDialog, JTextArea in the browser are just some of the examples of Swing containers and components, that can be displayed as HTML. Try out the free version, or check out our online SwingSet demo, to see exactly which swing components are web enabled and how they appear in a browser. AjaxSwing does not statically convert Swing to HTML, but rather generates HTML on the fly. It's a generic Swing applets solution.

Rapid development of a web portal is another good application for AjaxSwing. Instead of building complicated HTML screens and implementing the logic in JavaScript in order to try to maintain cross browser HTML and cross browser JavaScript, you can build the portal in Swing exclusively, or you can even turn your existing application into a portal. AjaxSwing will automatically handle cross browser functionality and browser independent JavaScript.

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